Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mima's Wedding

I know, I know, Mima's wedding was on October 1st and I'm JUST posting it now, but better late than never!
Here are some pictures from her day...

Family Picture!

The happy couple!

 There was even a rainbow outside after the ceremony!


 VERY funny story!  After the salad course they brought out these little raspberry sorbets to cleanse our palattes.  They were so yummy.  Alexander liked them so much he had two!  Well, come to find out, these weren't raspberry like we thought.  They were cabernet! 

 What a beautiful couple...isn't Mima's makeup just fabulous?  Hint, hint!

Mima and Don have been going dancing since they met so they tore up the dance floor all night!

Me and my beautiful Great-Grandma Guggino!

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  1. great post! glad to see some pics from the big event